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Carl David: Suicide Prevention Advocate

Carl David, Suicide Prevention AdvocateHaving lived through and survived the horrific experience of my brother's suicide when I was just 16, I am awakened to the real purpose in my life. I am on a mission to save lives....even one.

This is my way of paying forward by taking the darkest days of my life and helping those on that edge of desperation to see that they are loved, that there is help for them and that they are not alone. I need to let those who have walked a similar devastating path know that life does go on and that life is for the living, that we do survive.
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  • Suicide Prevention And Survival
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  1. What made you become a suicide prevention advocate?
  2. Were there any signs or clues that you saw or realized later?
  3. What should you do if you suspect someone may be considering taking their life?
  4. Can you give some current suicide statistics?
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Author of "Bader Field; How My family Survived Suicide" (Nightengale Press)
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(215) 735-2922

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