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Shauna Lynn Simon: Female Strategist Promoting Success without Burnout

Shauna Lynn Simon - success without BurnoutIn 2017, I experienced burnout, and it took me years to recover.

Now, I coach small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them to achieve their goals, while balancing their physical and mental health and well-being.I am an expert in motivation, systems, hiring, empowerment, and branding.  I am authentic and honest and provide real, actionable solutions. 

I challenge conventional norms am dedicated to helping aspiring entrepreneurs and accidental CEOs realize their dreams of business success.  I have been a featured speaker at conferences and media personality on TV, podcasts, and magazines.

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  • Building an empire without burning out
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  1. What are your best stress management tips?

  2. Why do so many entrepreneurs suffer from burnout, and how can they prevent it?

  3. What's the secret to creating a high-performing team of employees?
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Kitchener, Ontario Canada (EDT)

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