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Louis Scarantino: Autism Advocate & Motivational Speaker

Louis Scaratino - Autism Motivational SpeakerI am Louis Scarantino, a certified motivational speaker and accomplished author, known for my practical knowledge and inspirational insight.

My journey began with personal challenges on the autism spectrum, leading to a passionate career in advocacy and public speaking.  I offer hope and practical advice through my books and speeches, aiming to empower those on the spectrum.

My advocacy work has been recognized on national platforms, and I’ve had the honor of speaking at significant events like the PA Lifesharing Conference.

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  • Navigating Autism Spectrum Disorder
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  1.  How has living with autism shaped your view of the world and fueled
       your passion for advocacy?  2.  What misconceptions about autism do you most commonly encounter?  3.  What are some ways society can better support individuals with
       autism?  4.  What has been the most rewarding aspect of your work in autism
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Scranton, PA EST

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