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Steven Horne: Internationally Recognized Herbalist & Natural Healer
Philip Bresnahan: Clinical Cancer Research Analyst Expert

Kerrie Hopkins: Intn’l Expert on Correlation Between Names/Personality Traits

Kerrie has been interviewed on Good Morning America regarding Pop Culture, The Today Show regarding the Study of Happiness, Fox & Friends as a Political Analyst & over 3200 interviews on National, Regional and Local Radio & TV Shows.

She’s known for conducting up to 6 Informative & Entertaining Interviews a day; her longest interview being 5 hours @ WCCO in Minneapolis and her shortest interview of 2 min 18 seconds on a South African radio show; which ironically resulted in her quickest email sign-up response of over 3000 people in less than 1 hr.

Her work is Fun, Informative & Entertaining,


Interview this Expert About: *
Names in the News, Dilemmas your Callers have w Dating, In Laws, Co-Workers, Relationships
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    1.  My name is Tiffany Reese and my fiancé is Ryan Olson we joined thousands of couples from thousands
         of places who exchanged vows 12/31/23. We got married @ 1:23 pm & my birthday is 1/23. Am I
         obsessed because of my name. 2nd Are we a compatible couple? And 3rd how do I handle my mother
         in law Marie?    2.  How compatible are Taylor Swift & Travis Kielce?    3.  My name is Kaley. I am thinking of hiring a Heather to work in our doctor office. She will be working
         under Sonya’s supervision, do I hire her. What do you think?

Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Written 3 Books
  • My work has been part of curriculum at 2 Universities
  • I have Interviewed over 3000 times, been on Good Morning America, Today Show & Fox & Friends
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Social Media:
Namezook on youtube
Social Media:
Booking Contact Email: * [email protected]
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Texas Central Time

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