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Charlie Ryan: The Recruitment Queen

Charlie Ryan - Recruitment QueenCharlie Ryan, after 20 years recruitment, has become both an expert and an advocate of fairness in the world of recruitment.

She drives the candidates to be the best they can be and implores the employer to be honest and transparent. She hates the law where employers, employees, and agencies can avoid and get what they want anyway and more importantly believes many of them should not have been put in place.

Charlie wants a sense of honesty in both recruitment and the management of individuals and she wants us to spend our time on the right battles. An example of this would be her view on equal pay for women. She is appalled that in many cases, she feels she is worth more than her male counterpart and should be paid her worth, regardless of her sex and on occasions this is higher than the man. She believes the fight for equal pay is not the right fight for women, it's like accepting that if women get the same, then that's ok and the fight has been won on someone's sex rather than their worth.

She also believes that women make a choice on having children and employers shouldn't be hindered in driving their company forward, by being forced by the law to take on a pregnant women in a new job. She doesn't understand a law which promotes this, as if you knew any employee was going to leave employment within 6 or 7 months of starting the job, you wouldn't employ them whatever the reason.

Her views are regularly aired and she believes in the respect of individuals, sitting on the side of fairness regardless of who you are, an individual or a company.

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  • Redundancy
  • Job Interviews
  • Job Hunting
  • Employment Discrimination
  • Salaries

3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *

  1. Anything to do with salary differentials or jobs between the public sector and private sector
  2. Dresscode policies in places of employment - PWC high heeled shoes issue.
  3. No Named Application forms as per David Cameron's push and/or anything similar
  4. The gap between schools and employment and how we need to tackle it
  5. The lack of effective support for job hunters young or old

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Diploma in Recruitment. 20 years experience. REC Accredited

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[email protected]

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(794) 753-9058

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