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Melvin L. Jones: My 4 Best Friends & I Made a Name for a Small School

Melvin L Jones - Best Friends"The Onyx Renaissance” tells the story of five youngsters from Cleveland's urban area, starting their high school experience in 1985, at a private school on Cleveland's outskirts.

In the three years they attended, the “Juice Crew,” changed the way people saw the school athletically and socially; while they saw cultural differences.

In an era where social media was relegated to print, radio and T.V., the “Juice Crew” brought cache to a school that was considered to be... “a school for bookworms”.

In a phrase, the “Juice Crew” made the school, “Prime Time”.

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The difference of growing up in an urban area to experience a totally different culture; while being in that culture, he and his best friends use their athletic ability, intellect, and swagger to change the way a region saw a school.
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  1. Describe your upbringing and how it shaped you.

  2. How did you and the rest of the "Juice Crew" come together?

  3. What were some of the civic, cultural and economic differences between where you guys grew up (east side of Cleveland) and where you guys went to high school

  4. Describe the impact that you and your friends had on the Hawken community, and how did it affect the community that you came from?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Longtime resident of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Graduate of Hawken
  • Author of the book, "The Onyx Renaissance"
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (276) 492-4039
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Cleveland, Ohio; eastern time zone

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