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* Mike Veny: Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® & Best-Selling Author *
Melvin L. Jones: My 4 Best Friends & I Made a Name for a Small School

Fran Tabor: Small Business Owner with Survivor's Attitude

Small business: Wrote the Kindle top 10 Live Abundantly! 50 Business Lessons from the Bible.

Also wrote Shhhh! It's a Secret. How to Compete against Walmart & the Internet, available in audio & print, Female Small business owner since 1978, went from 20,000/yr to over $1,000,000/yr since 2003.

My business has survived divorce, uninsured cancer, embezzlements, recessions, rapidly changing demographics -- and continues to grow.

In addition to other books, wrote Sci Fi epic To Own Two Suns and Montana romance Eagle Rock.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Attitude required for successful small business ownership
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. Why do you think the ability to have faith is the most important predictor of business success?
  2. How does small business have a larger synergistic effect on a community's economic health than big business?
  3. What are the ways an old-fashion home business helps strengthen a community
  4. How does zoning home-businesses out of "nice" neighborhoods actually lower, not maintain, property values in both business districts and residential districts?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Female small business owner since 1978.
  • Won humorous speaking awards.
  • Writes books
Expert's Website:
Booking Contact Email: * [email protected]
Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (406) 212-9491
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Kalispell, MT mountain time

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