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Dave Turner: Scientific Discoveries Reveal Startling Information About "Creation!"

Dave Turner - Discoveries about CreationThe incredible information about "Creation" revealed by these scientific discoveries may have never been revealed before!

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  • What are the scientific discoveries, and how do they reveal information about Creation?
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  1. One of the scientific discoveries was the invention of the powerful Electron Microscope, which happened in the 1950's. How does this discovery reveal important information about God's Creation?

  2. The other scientific discovery happened in the 1930's when scientists discovered how to split atoms for the first time! How does this discovery reveal amazing information about Creation?

  3. Is there any "Proof" that God/The Bible is real?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • My credentials come from being appointed by the Lord Himself to help people discover awesome information about Him and His Creation!
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (417) 838-8348
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Springfield, MO - Central Standard Time Zone

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