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Michael Montgomery: NFL Legend

Michael Montgomery - NFL LegendMichael Montgomery is an NFL Legend of the Green Bay Packers.

He was born to Michael Montgomery Sr., Pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church.   He is a  native of Omaha, Nebraska.

Michael's mom is Rosie Walker who was a member of the 2001 Women’s Basketball Hall Of Fame class.

Michael has unique stories to tell.   His podcast is called UNDEFEATED...

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About his career in the NFL | Mother being a hall of famer!

     1. About Heart Beat Away Foundation -
     2. About the UNDEFEATED Podcast
     3. About Endorsement Costs & Playing in the NFL
     4. About Olivia Friedman, the United Nations, Her Appointing him as International
         Voice of Youth Sport on April 6, 2016, and how she became his Publicist as a
         Forbes Councils Influencer and Forbes Business Council Member that can get
         people into Forbes, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg, and other major magazines.

     5. About Interviewing Santana Rodrigues who appeared on several magazine covers.

         Santana's First Apartment:
         Santana Rodrigues on Executing Your Plan:
         Seeing her in a nice light:

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  • NFL Legend of the Green Bay Packers
  • Appeared on several news outlets,
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