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Oliver Ezell: Shift Toward Cryptocurrency
Justin Bethoney NP: The Mental Wellness Diet

Don Frericks: Leadership Coach, Author, & Speaker

Don Frericks - Best Boss EverDon helps leaders and their teams learn how to rapidly create extraordinary leaders.

Would your audience be interested in learning about a proven process of leadership development or any of the following topics?

• Topic #1 — The reasons companies fail to create great leaders (and 3 things you can do to develop great leaders).   Listeners
   will take away specific tactics to make average leaders, exceptional.

• Topic #2 — Slowing the epidemic of “over-managed and under-lead” companies.   Listeners will learn what it takes to grow a
   culture of purpose driven leaders.

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  • Leadership
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. You have said your purpose is to change the world, one leader at a time and that the world needs more extraordinary leaders now more than ever.   Why do you believe outstanding leadership matters?

  2. Do you believe from your experience that leaders are made or born? What evidence do you have?

  3. Of the best leaders you have worked with and interviewed, what did they do to become outstanding leaders?

  4. If leadership is so complex that it is nearly impossible to intellectually learn, what’s a better approach for people to use to become a better leader?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
In over 30 years of corporate leadership and coaching experience, he has developed the reputation as an outstanding leader, a passionate advocate for personal and corporate change, and a well-loved personal leadership coach for various Fortune 2000 organizations.
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (513) 256-1792
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Cincinnati, OH eastern time zone

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