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Larry Jorgensen: Author - History of Coca-Cola Places & People

Larry Jorgensen - History of Coca ColaLarry is a journalist who has spent nearly three years researching Coca-Cola stories which reveal how the world's most famous brand got started.

The reader learns of places to visit today which tell a fascinating story.   It's NOT another Atlanta corporate book.   It's about the people and places that were responsible for creating that beverage empire.

It's "The Coca-Cola Trail".

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  • People and Places in the history of Coca-Cola
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  1. Where was Coca-Cola first bottled and why?

  2. Did Coca-Cola actually sell the U.S. rights to bottle for just $1.00?

  3. What has happened to the old bottling plants, after they were no longer bottling?

  4. How was the Coca-Cola bottle created, and why was it tinted green?
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Experience in writing for print, radio, tv, wire service and assignment; as well as freelance
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