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Renee Sinning: Parenting Teens: Unlocking The Secrets

Renee Sinning - Parenting TeensRenee has spent her career teaching, motivating and guiding teens to be successful.

Having spent 18 years as a high school educator, she is well-versed in everything teen.   Having raised 3 young adults, her passion for helping teens is both personal (one of her kids has ADHD and Asperger's), and professional (she's seen way too many kids fall through the cracks).

As a certified professional coach, Renee works with teenagers (and their parents) to help them become confident, motivated, and engaged in life, equipping them with tools and strategies to find success, happiness, and come out ahead.

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  • Teens as Leaders: What could be different if teenagers saw themselves as leaders in their own right?
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  1.   What do you mean by teens as leaders? (Ans. Everyone is a leader either by
      choice or by default, yet, most teenagers don't see themselves this way
      unless they hold a leadership position like captain of a team, president of
      a club,
  2.   What does as "teen-as-leader" look like? (Ans. We all play many different
      roles in life.   Even teens do.  For example, they have a role as a
      son/daughter, student, friend, they could be a team-mate, co-worker, etc.
      The question is:
      "how are they showing up in each of these roles?" Are they exhibiting
      leadership qualities that we all have within us, such as accountability, belief,
      communication? Or, are they living at the effect of life (as so many teens do -
      filled with victimhood, blame, anger, etc.
  3.   As parents, how do they help their teenager tap into this? (Ans. There is no
      one-size-fits-all answer, as every teenager is different. However, there are
      things parents can do to help their teens. One of the biggest is accountability.
      This is hard for some parents. Holding our teens accountable for their actions
      might mean we have to sometimes let them (or watch them) fail. This isn't
      easy for parents to do, as many parents are "fixers." But, the biggest lessons
      come from learning from our mistakes (even if that means failing a class or
      losing their job). And, with accountability comes consistency and follow-
      through. It's easier to help teenagers who are the more natural leaders tap
      into their leadership qualities.
  4.   What about the teens who are not natural leaders, those kids who really
      struggle? (Ans. This is a real thing, and a lot more challenging, BUT, self-
      leadership can be learned.) Let's talk about executive function. Executive
      function is the part of the brain that helps us execute complex tasks (pre-
      frontal cortex). Things like cleaning their room, getting homework done,
      getting a job or drivers license can be extremely challenging. Executive
      function includes things like planning, organizing, regulating emotions, 
      forgetfulness, impulsivity, ability to focus, processing speed, and more. Kids
      with ADHD usually have weaker executive function skills, but other can too.
      For some kids these skills aren't developed until 25 or even 30. These are the
      kids who get frustrated, overwhelmed, and often fall through the cracks. BUT,
      LEADERSHIP ABILITIES. They just have to be taught differently. There are
      tools and techniques that can be learned for ALL kids. It's about figuring out
      what your teen needs specifically, finding them the right person to help, and
      starting to get these kids some wins. Some kids may need therapy or
      medication, while others will thrive with a coach or mentor. The key is in
      recognizing that "Everyone is a leader either by choice or by default,"
      including your child. It's about figuring out what YOUR child needs, so they
      can become the best version of themselves and maximize their potential.

Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Certified Professional Coach
  • Master of Education
  • Experienced High School Educator (18 years)
  • Core Dynamics Specialist in Leadership, Performance, Transition and Wellbeing
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (813) 333-3455
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Colorado Springs, CO, Mountain Time

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