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* Kelli Cooper: LOA Coach & Digital Nomad *

Kelli Cooper - LOA Coach & Digital NomadI aim to debunk many of the misconceptions about the law of attraction that leave people frustrated in their efforts to deliberately create their experience.

The theory of manifesting and how it plays out in the real world can be quite different and I help bridge that gap.

My style is down-to-earth and I don't think personal development should be so damn serious all the time.   I have applied these principles to launch a successful blog and coaching business which I run while traveling the world. 

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  • Law of Attraction
  • Conscious Creation
  • Self Improvement
  • Spirituality
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  1. How can you overcome your limiting beliefs?
  2. How does the law of attraction really work?
  3. How can you process your negative emotions in a way that serves you?
  4. Where do you start when you seem so far away from where you want to be?
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