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Kaila Yu: Rv, Camping, & Fishing Extraordinaire
Ronda Dixon Esq.: Los Angeles Criminal Justice Attorney

Joseph Lewis McKenzie: Media Broadcasting Coach, Radio Programmer

Joseph Lewis, McKenzie - Media BroadcastingBWGR Gospel Radio is developed to provide platforms for Christian artist radio airplay exposure.

We offer great music playlist for listeners that listen on mobile devices, in their cars, and while at home.

Working with Major radio stations to promote your event or music the costs could be very expensive!   When you want your music on radio then our basic package can be for you and if you want to make a big impact we offer packages that delivers high driven airplay promotions. 

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BWGR Radio Media Group is the marketing arm of BWGR and offers digital marketing services for anyone that is looking to connect with audiences with their message, books or product. The interactive website will still be available. In the meantime, listen
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  1. How Did you get your start in Ministry work?

  2. How Did you start your radio station?

  3. What does a person need to do to start an online broadcast show?

  4. How can the church take advantage of radio and podcasting services.
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Radio and video production
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: 1-888-696-6661
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Central Time Zone

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