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Jamilah Lawry: Disruptive Business & Technology Consultant

Jamilah Lawry - Business & TechnologyWith  over 10 years experience in Business Technology & Digital Marketing Roles at multiple fortune 500 companies, Jamilah noticed a need for a more direct strategy for smaller businesses.

The typical business consultant simply assumes that the basics are covered.   Jamilah noticed that smaller businesses needed a bit more guidance and not two needs were alike. I

n 2010, Jamilah opened her own consulting firm and started working with small to midsize business clients directly to create specific goal driven strategies in both business growth and digital marketing.

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  • Disruptive Business & Technology Consulting
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  1. What is Disruptive Business & Technology Consulting?

  2. What made you choose this line of work?

  3. In what ways does your business consulting model help clients?

  4. How do you determine if a client is a good match for your program?
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  • B.A. Applied Management Information Systems
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (215) 443-1076
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Folcroft, PA Eastern Standard Time

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