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Tamuri Richardson: Prof Speaker, Mental Health Advocate at your Service!

Tamuri Richardson - Speaker, Mental Health AdvocateI am a Certified Mental Health Advocate, Domestic Violence Conqueror, Communications Specialist and an Award Winning Toastmasters and Professional Public Speaker.

I am a Author of 2 books, Moderator, a mentor and Organizational Development Leader.   I speak on Women's Empowerment, Domestic Violence, Social Issues and so much more.

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I enjoy spontaneous conversation. I like for the conversation to be real and flow. So unless the interviewer requires questions, I am an open book and I am ready to talk. Nothing off limits.
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  • Certified Mental health Advocate
  • AA Communications Degree (8 years Exp Public Speaking
  • Keynote Addresses) Mentoring Clients
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (707) 394-4367


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