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Rustie MacDonald: Living & Thriving with Rustie

Rustie MacDonald - Radio Talk Show HostRustie is a multi book author, Single mom, and Radio Talk Show host.

Her show, "Living & Thriving with Rustie," focuses on what motivates people to be a better version of themselves.

Her struggle through poverty's, rape, homelessness, abandonment, and severe abuse offer her a warm and compassionate framework. 

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  • Pretty open to any discussion
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  • Rustie is a multi book author, Celiac, Speaker, & Full time single mom.
  • They live on the Gulf coast of Florida with two small dogs.
  • Rustie is internationally known for sharing her harrowing story of abuse, poverty, & Rape.
  • She continues to inspire people all over the world to find gratitude even in the darkness.
  • Tune in & let her make you laugh, cry, and appreciate what you have!
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