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Desirel Calvin Lawrence: The Perfect Gift Maker

Desirel Calvin Lawrence - Perfect Gift MakerThe author of two books, an automobile designer, an information research scientist, and a music producer, Desirel Calvin Lawrence as unleashed the best way to make memories that last a lifetime with your loved ones.

At, Desirel shows how his specially crafted words on glass can help cement your bond and relationships with your loved ones and keep them ever closer.

He wants to reach out to an audience that will find pleasure in truly touching the core of their loved ones heart with specially crafted words on glass.

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  • What is the perfect gift that will keep you fondly remembered?
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  1. What is Desirel Expression?

  2. How long have you been a writer?

  3. What other creative outlets do you have?

  4. How can individuals take advantage of Desirel Expression and your specially crafted messages on glass?
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  • Information Research Scientist
  • Music Producer
  • Automobile Designer
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Washington, DC

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