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* Sylvester Boyd: Author, Historian, Race Relations Expert *
Jane K Dye, RN, CHHC: Transformational Health Coach, Master of Habit Change

Alen Mayer: Sales Expert Who Believes Sales is Easy

Alen Mayer lives, eats, and breathes sales and combines over 29 years of experience in international sales and business development with a rational no-nonsense practical approach to selling.

When done by a skilled professional, sales is easy.   He will simplify and demystify the sales process for you, and help you with learning the formula to overcome setbacks and make sales easy.

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  • How to demystify the art of selling and understand the science of it
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  1. Why are people scared of salespeople?
  2. How do you establish rapport with anyone, at any moment in time?
  3. How do you speak the language of your client’s mind?
  4. How do you quickly discover customers’ buying criteria?
  5. How do you turn objections Into approval?
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Toronto, EST

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