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Roland Sato Page: Eating the Forbidden Fruit: A tale of a Convicted Cop
Dr. Lorenzo Neal: Self Differentiation Coach & Gun Violence Survivor

Brian D. Ridgway: The "Spellbreaker": True Master of Human Transformation

Brian D. Ridgway - The For virtually all of his life, Brian D. Ridgway has been an "unusual" master of transformation – someone others are instinctively drawn to.

He is known to his clients and audiences as "The Spellbreaker" who is skilled in the art effortlessly dissolving what he calls the "illusion of problems".   

Brian takes people beyond "self-help" and helps them access their “Infinite Intelligence” so they can consciously create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life, and world of their dreams.

Brian literally get results that are unprecedented and - in his clients's words: miraculous.

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How Brian almost magically creates life-changing results for people in all areas of business, health, financial, wellness, and relationship where they are seeking breakthroughs.
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  1. How did you go from homeless, depressed, and suicidal to a bestselling author and transformational specialist?

  2. Why do you say that "being positive" is the most counter-productive advice available?

  3. Why doesn't the law of attraction or raising your vibration work?

  4. What is spell breaking?

  5. You refer to people having a primary core constraint, what do you mean by this?

  6. Why do you say that self-improvement is "booby-trapped?"
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#1 Int'l Bestselling Author of "Break Your Self-Help Addiction" - having helped over 120,000 people in 84 countries
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (864) 266-3539
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Hawaii - HST Time Zone


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