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Deirdre Reilly: Relatable Christian Author Who Understands Doubt

Deirdre Reilly - Christian AuthorReilly is a writer and editor whose work has appeared on,, and others.

She has a new book debuting soon: "The Pretend Christian" (Crosslink Publishing).

Deirdre has appeared on national radio and on cable television, including Blaze TV.

Deirdre's new book has been blurbed by notables such as Alveda King, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, and Christian television producer/director Dallas Jenkins.

Deirdre loves speaking to/with Christians and non-Christians, and has a special interest in those who are interested in learning more about Christianity — but not ready to commit.

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  • Why should I think about exploring Christianity — what's in it for me?
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  1. What do you have to say about the hypocrisy many faith leaders display?

  2. Why is God allowing evil, disease, and societal strife today?

  3. Why does being a Christian matter? I'm a good person!

  4. What would you say to someone who thinks Christians are self-righteous, judgmental people?
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Deirdre Reilly's work has been published by,,,, and others. She served as senior Faith editor for, and for 10 years authored an award-winning, nationally syndicated humor and family column.
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Boston, MA / EST

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