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Renee Sinning: Parenting Teens: Unlocking The Secrets
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Veronica Woodruff: Mompreneur & Tech Founder

Veronica Woodruff, Founder and CEO of Travelsist.

Travelsist makes flying home with your family easy.   It's an app that is an easy way for busy parents to pick-up and return kid gear at airports.   

Grab your bags and the kiddos and go! 

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  • Travel
  • Parenting, Entrepreneurship
  • Rentals
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  1. What are considered baby essentials?

  2. Why is it difficult for parents to travel with their children?

  3. What didn't you know about entrepreneurship that you know now?
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At Travelsist, they have pivoted, putting a plan in place for public safety to keep parents and children protected in reaching their air travel
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (404) 717-2502
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Atlanta EST

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