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Andrew Greenberg: All About Games & Game Development

Andrew Greenberg - Game DevelopmentGame developer Andrew Greenberg is the executive director of the Georgia Game Developers Association who also serves as a mentor to many independent game developers.

As a gaming advocate in Georgia, Andrew promotes the growing number of video game development studios on tap as the Peach State reaches nearly $1 billion a year in economic development across the state, making it one of the fastest growing gaming communities in the nation.

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  • Video Game Development
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  1. Where does gaming fall in the sphere of entertainment?

  2. What is the Georgia Game Developers Association and why is a trade association needed in Georgia?

  3. What is the average net worth of a video game developer?
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Andrew Greenberg, executive director of the Georgia Game Developers Association and director of the Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo, has been working in the game industry since 1990.
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EST Atlanta, Georgia

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