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* Daniel Goodenough: Helps You Find Your Life's Mission *

Daniel Goodenough - Find Your Life's MissionDaniel Goodenough, author of The Caravan of Remembering, A Road Map for Experiencing the Awakening of Your Life's Mission, talks about his new work of fiction that takes the reader on a mystical journey to finding a life of meaning and purpose.

Daniel Goodenough, co-founder of The Way of the Heart, an international program of self-development, has taught thousands of students to discover their life's mission. He is also a business coach, helping successful businesses to run on spiritual principles.

Interview this Expert About: *
Bringing a spiritual approach to business; how to find the authentic work and life's path that's right for you
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What is the best way to tap into your talents and desires to create a life of meaning and authenticity?
  2. How can spiritual principles be used in business to create an environment of success, growth, and fulfillment for employees?
  3. How can we live in a way that is fulfilling to us and also serves our world?
Summary of Expert Credentials:

Author of The Caravan of Remembering from Heart's Way Press; co-founder, coach and teacher at The Way of the Heart, an international program of personal growth and self-development.

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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (212) 799-4365
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Colorado, Mountain time zone


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