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Joseph Lewis McKenzie: Media Broadcasting Coach, Radio Programmer

Donn LeVie Jr.: Influence Strategies for Getting Heard & Noticed

Donn LeVie Jr - Influence StrategiesWith more than 30 years leading people and projects for Fortune 100 companies, Donn LeVie Jr. knows a thing or two about influence, persuasion, and engaging decision makers.

He's been called "the King of the Hiring Process" because he shows people how to get heard, how to get noticed, and how to get results using his EPIC Results process.

He's the author of the award-winning books, CONFESSIONS OF A HIRING MANAGER REV. 2.0 and STRATEGIC CAREER ENGAGEMENT, and leads high value virtual mentoring programs that accelerate professionals to the next level of their careers.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Influence & persuasion strategies that help people get heard, get noticed, and get EPIC results
  • Why you don't need a career coach or a resume writer
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1.  How does being an influence and engagement strategist help people get to the next level of their careers?
  2. How did you apply influence, persuasion, and engagement strategies during your corporate career?
  3. What are some strategies and techniques people can use to get the attention of decision makers or hiring managers?
  4. What's one super secret tactic people can use to get to the top of a decision maker or hiring manager's short list?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • 30 years leading people and projects for Fortune 100 companies
  • Certified Fraud Examiner
  • Certified Ethics Associate
  • Senior Fellow - Management & Strategy Institute
  • Award-winning author and global conference speaker
Expert's Website:
Booking Contact Email: *
Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (512) 797-3035
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Austin, Texas Central Time Zone

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