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Birdee Bow: CEO & Owner of BsquaredMGMT

Birdee Bow - Owner of BsquaredMGMTI am a Music and Talent Executive and Internationally published songwriter and model.

I am a CEO with over a multi six figure business and amazing staff.    I've lived as an independent artist and songwriter before starting my own business.   

Aspire To Empire is my most successful coaching series. 

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  • Starting Your Own Business
  • The Music Business
  • Leveling up to Multi Six Figures as a Creative
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  1. How did you get started in the industry?
  2. How do you start a business with zero in the bank and just a fabulous idea?
  3. How did you level up to Multi Six Figures as a creative?

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  • CEO/ Owner of BsquaredMGMT
  • Internationally published model 
  • Songwriter
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Central Time zone

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