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Craig Daley: How to Grow Your Business Post-Covid

Craig Daley - Grow Your BusinessWith over 25 years management experience in large companies, 10 years with a successful startup and years as a small business consultant to small businesses, Craig Daley will explain why small businesses fail.

As the Principal of Portfolio Management Group, Craig will tell you how you can grow your small business in any situation.

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  • Why Over 50% of Startups Fail in the first 6 months and 90% after 1 year
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  1. What causes the high failure rate of small businesses? 

  2. What are the biggest cost to small businesses and how do you control it?

  3. What are the primary mistakes that small businesses make when starting up?

  4. Why is a budget for a small business so critical and why do small business owners do it all wrong?

Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Grew his last startup with $20,000 to almost $12 million in annual revenues in 10 years
  • A 3-time Honoree on the Inc 500, "Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S" 
  • Helped over 25 small businesses become profitable over the past 7 years
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South America or Florida


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