John Jay Ricci: Christian Street Evangelist & Apologist
Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.: Best-selling Author, Guided Autobiography Facilitator

Rockshana Desanes: Dancer, Speaker & Leadership Coach

Rockshana Desanes - Dancer, Speaker & Leadership CoachI have been able to use my skills as a dancer and choreographer to be a leadership coach to motivate and inspire individuals of all ages to find their inner self confidence in all aspects of their lives. 

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  • Leadership roles
  • Confidence
  • Dance
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  1. How do you use dance to motivate and inspire others?
  2. What created or made that idea to come alive?
  3. How have you used this technique for yourself?
  4. How does one move forward to use this technique on an everyday basis?
  5. When did dance begin?
  6. When did become a speaker?
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (203) 895-9924
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Denver, CO MDT

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