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Tim Alleman: Author of Highly Controversial Christian Book

Tim Alleman - Author of Controversial Christian BookMr. Alleman has studied the Bible and Koine Greek for over two decades.

He exposes major flaws in Christian doctrines that have been pervading the churches for centuries.   Listeners will discover that reading The Principled Legal Standard will aid them in understanding the purpose behind all false doctrines about God and the tactics used in all false Christian doctrines that have deceived people for centuries. They will also understand the single accusation that is made against God which is contained in all false reports about Him.

They will be able to connect the dots between the tactics used in liberal theology and those used by liberals in politics, since the very same tactics and methods are used by both.  The reader will begin noticing the similarities between liberal theology and liberalism, such as carefully chosen words and “PC word control”, the assigning of an impure motive where there is none, the classic false premise and that God is portrayed as if He were the most intolerant liberal, bordering on psychotic in His severity towards others.

The reader will also come to realize that there are only two testimonies (God's and Satan's) and that all men are quoting one or the other at any given moment. The reader will understand what was behind Satan's rebellion, the creation of mankind, the original reason for the incarnation of Christ and exactly what Satan's will is. The reader will realize that the churches, seminaries, divinity schools and the translation of the bibles from the KJV onward have been liberalized for centuries and that virtually all Christians are unaware of this. They will realize that liberalism is the love of evil, masked.

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  • The flaws in Christian doctrines
  • History of the penal substitution doctrine
  • Why we are still in the dark ages.
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  1. Why do you think we are still in the dark ages? Most Christians believe in penal substitution.

  2. Explain how people who read your book will be able to spot any false doctrine and easily be able to refute it.

  3. What words in the Bible have been purposely mistranslated and why?
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Tim Alleman (author of The Principled Legal Standard for the First Genuine Doctrinal Reformation of the Church) has studied the Bible and the Koine Greek texts for over two decades.
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