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Reecy Aresty: College Financial Aid Expert & Author

Reecy Aresty - College Financial Aid ExpertFor over 3 decades I've helped 1,000's of families send their kids to the college of their choice for less than they ever imagined.

Using time-tested strategies, students get that all-important edge in admissions, and parents are guaranteed to qualify for maximum financial aid.

My successes in appealing unappealing financial aid offers is second to none & getting students on-campus interviews as non-applicants is a favorite out-of-the box strategy I've used for decades.

Over 95% of families I speak with fall into this category; I can help them or I can help them!

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How to pay for college without going broke!
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  1. How can students and their families qualify for maximum financial aid?
  2. How can you appeal an unappealing financial aid offer?
  3. How can ultra expensive private schools cost less than inexpensive state colleges?
  4. How can you get 10th & 11th graders on-campus interviews with dept. chairmen?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
39 years of saving 1,000's of families on 3 continents millions in financial aid!
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(561) 451-0111
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Boca Raton, FL EST


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