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Melody Brooke: Author, Speaker, Marriage & Family Therapist

Paz Ellis: Author of Recently Published Memoir

Paz Ellis - Memoir AuthorMy book titled, "Plantains and the Seven Plagues - A memoir: Half-Dominican, Half-Cuban, and Full Life", centers around being an American caught between two cultures and races.

The book delves into the life of a child with immigrant parents trying to assimilate to a new country, while she is trying to find her own identity.

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  • Biracial and Multicultural upbringing during the 70s and 80s in New Jersey
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  1. When and why did you start writing?
  2. How did your love of books come about?
  3. Tell us about your recent memoir and how it is relevant in today's society?
  4. What are your writing inspirations?
  5. How have readers responded to Plantains and the Seven Plagues?
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  • Self-published author of memoirs - contemporary fiction (launching two books in summer and fall of 2020
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eastern / US

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