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Linda N Baron-Katz: Author of Surviving Mental Illness, My Story

Linda N Baron-Katz - Surviving Mental IllnessI am an author of two books, Surviving Mental Illness, My Story and Peter and Lisa: A Mental Illness Children's Story.

I am also a Certified Peer Specialist and love speaking about my recovery and the resources that are out there. 

I love being on the radio talking about my books and at this time, especially with COVID-19, I know what its like to sit at home and be depressed and believe me it is no good. 

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  • Mental Illness
  • Recovery
  • Stigma
  • Mental Health Struggles During COVID-19
  • Career Exploration
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  1. Describe the books that you have written and how helpful it is to others who have read it.

  2. How do you define recovery?

  3. What struggles have you dealt with during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Flushing, NY EST

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