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* Greg Staffa: From Homeless to TV Film Critic *

Greg Staffa - TV Film CriticIn 2009 Greg Staffa found himself homeless following a work injury.

Staffa would spend the next three years homeless.   While homeless, Staffa embarked on a 48 state road trip to help other homeless handing out socks and coffee to other homeless.

Once back on his feet Staffa started writing for Your Entertainment Corner.   Since then the once homeless man has gone on to interview people like Pierce Brosnan, David Bautista, Jesse Eisenberg, Martin Freeman, Olivia Wilde, and countless others.

Staffa’s story is an inspiring one showing adversity can be overcome.

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  • Homelessness
  • Entertainment
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  1. What helped get you through homelessness?

  2. What advice would you give someone going through a difficult time?

  3. What was it like going from homeless to interviewing celebrities?

  4. How does your homeless past influence you as a critic?
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Staffa spent 3 years homeless and went on to interview Hollywood celebrities.
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St. Cloud Mn, Central time zone

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