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Dovid Krafchow - the End of DaysI am an expert in time and space.

Twenty years ago I predicted the five moons around Pluto and oceans beneath Mars. 

I have authored Meditations on Time showing how the segmentation of the last six thousand years puts us 220 from the beginning of the Thousand Years of Woman and of Peace, as foreseen in the Cabala.

Donald Trump was elected in the year 5777 and when inaugurated was 70 years, seven months and seven days. The 777 is a sign of the Angel of Death. 

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  • The Spiritual Meaning of the Corona Virus
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  1. What makes this virus different from all the other viruses?

  2. Why was this virus visited upon us now and for what reason?

  3. What is the virus teaching the human being?

  4. Where do we go from here?

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  • five published books
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Los Angeles California PST

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