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Lorna Adams: Psychic & Afterlife Communicator

Lorna Adams - Psychic & Afterlife CommunicatorI've had the ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and those who have passed since I was a teen.

YOU & your listeners can do it too!   Angels, Spirit Guides - what's the difference? Who are these Guides?
I am happy to help you become more psychic, too, with a few easy steps.
Interview this Expert About: *
  • Spirit Guides
  • Angels
  • Speaking with the dead
  • Divine protection
  • Become your own Psychic
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. How did you know you were talking to someone who had passed?
  2. How do you know you are hearing my Spirit Guides?
  3. Are my Guides around me even though I don't believe?
  4. How are you able to tap into anyone's energy and tell me more about them?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
30+ years of experience
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (575) 571-1912

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