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Steve Spacek: 50th Earth Day April 22, Waste Litter is a Disease Breeder

Steve Spacek - Litter is a Disease BreaderSteve Spacek directs the American State Litter Scorecard -

You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.  He has been cited by The Boston Globe and Travel + Leisure,  and has been a guest on talk shows.

He is a talented Government and Politics Evaluator (Federal, State and Local); as subcontractor held Federal Security Clearance.

Steve has moderated and presented at regional and national Public Service and Performance Conferences.   He is a Pi Alpha Alpha Public Administration Honor Society member, also. 

Steve is a native of Texas and resides in the Washington DC Metro area.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • 50th Earth Day - Wednesday, April 22
  • USA's 15 Biggest, Litter-polluted Cities
  • How Waste Littering-Dumping harms Humans, Animals, Lands
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  1. What are the USA's 15 Biggest, Litter-Polluted Cities, and 10 Biggest, Litter-Polluted States? Why are they in these conditions?

  2. What are the harmful problems connected to Littering-Dumping including the breeding of Diseases such as the Corona Virus which was a Disease started in City of Wuhan China by reckless human practices?

  3. What are your Perspectives on Strengths and Weaknesses of a particular candidate running for President, State Governor, City Mayor, the general public that voters may not readily know?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Governance Graduate-Level Educated
  • Fed Clearance
  • Conference Presenter
  • Public Speaker
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Washington DC area (Eastern Standard Time)

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