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* Philip DeLuca, LCSW: The UnTalk Therapist *

Philip Deluca -Current "Express Yourself!" and "Talk It Through!" communication and conflict resolution models are left over from the 60's, work poorly,  and contradict everything we now know about how the mind, body and relationships work.

Not only do these models increase rather than decrease conflict, they also destroy health.   

I am a marriage counselor and over the last 40 years I have perfected an alternative holistic approach that works where these approaches fail, stops arguments instantly and also helps to restore people's health.   

It is about time we brought communication into the 21st century.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Relationships
  • Communication
  • Conflict
  • Love
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. Why this topic?
  2. You say in order to communicate better people need to stop talking. What do you mean by that?
  3. Why do you call this 21st century communication?
  4. You say this is a holistic approach. What do you mean by that?
  5. You mentioned “Express Yourself” communication approaches. Can you explain what these are?
  6. What is this “Dead Zone” you talk about?
  7. How is your approach different?
  8. Can you briefly explain your approach?
  9. So what is the solution?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Author
  • Marriage counselor
  • Presenter
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (704) 890-8112
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Charlotte, NC EST


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