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* "Dr. Larry" Fedewa: Political Commentator & Radio Talk Show Host *

Dr. Larry Fedewa - Conservative Commentator“Dr. Larry” Fedewa, Ph.D. (FEE’-dah-wah) is a commentator on political and social issues of the day with over 150 columns in The Washington Times, Fox News/Opinion,andYou Tube,among others.

He has been a college president, an international technology executive, and an entrepreneur. A frequent guest on radio and television, he lives on an Arabian horse farm near Washington DC.   

Dr. Larry is known as an early interpreter of the Donald Trump phenomenon as well as fiscal, racial, and religious trends of the day. He speaks for average people who do not have the time or resources to delve deeply into topics such as the political turmoil Americans are facing, our failing schools, and contemporary cultural movements. 

He has become a trusted voice for many fans seeking common sense analysis of the events, people and trends of our times. His website is a running analysis of American life in the 21st century.

Currently a political columnist for the Richfield Press and radio talk show host of “The Dr. Larry Show” on Blog Talk Radio and Podcasts, poetry and columns can be found at He has two books now available through Amazon Books.  

Interview this Expert About: *

  • Trump administration
  • Foreign policy
  • Education
  • Health care
  • "Fake news"
  • Democrat opposition

3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *

  1. What is going on with the press and the President?
  2. Where are we on the Trump agenda -- budget, taxes, immigration/sanctuary cities, foreign affairs, "fair trade", etc.?

Summary of Expert Credentials:

  • Ph.D. Social Psychology
  • Former international business executive
  • College president
  • 23 years owner of consulting firm
  • Columnist of national news organization

Expert's Website:

Booking Contact Email: *

Expert's Location and Time Zone: *

Washington DC, EDT

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