Christina Flach: Celebrity Makeup Artist CEO, Sepsis Awareness Advocate
Vincent Bowe: Fantasy Series Author & Fitness Professional

Brandon Kneefel: Millennial Medium, Healer, Author on Humanity's Future

Brandon Kneefel - Medium, HealerI am a Rebel Mystic.

I pair my experience as a Licensed Spiritual Counselor with my Medium and Healing gifts to train the next generation of activists and visionaries.

I am a best-selling author. I use my experiences to inform my work: from having childhood visions to being disowned at 16 years old when I came out as gay.

From my months of homelessness and addictions to my time on reality TV and stepping into the role as a mystic.

Through Spirit, I speak to the other side, see and know things beyond human comprehension, and heal others with thought and touch.

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  • Developing Spiritual Gifts and Global Change
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  1. Can these psychic abilities be taught?

  2. Why do you go by the Rebel Mystic?

  3. What are we missing as a society to actually make dramatic changes for the better?
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  • Licensed Spiritual Counselor and Ministerial Candidate
  • Best-Selling Author
  • Founder of Haus of Mystics (a collective for gifted young people to step into their greatness)
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (734) 664-7743
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