James Granger, MD: Rebellious Medical Doctor
Sandra Cooze: Holistic Trauma Healing Coach

Carol Donnelly: L.A. Angel Whisperer-Near Death Experience

Carol Donnelly - L A Angel WhispererThrough my death experience, I have learned how to bring miracles into my life.

By sharing my experience, I show everyone how to bring miracles in their lives too by touching a heart.   No matter where you are -- make it matter!

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Near-Death Experience; Making a Difference.
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  1. What is the power of the Attitude of Gratitude?
  2. How do you find opportunities to make a difference?
  3. How did your death experience change your life?
  4. How do you bring positive energy from the universe into your life?
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First-hand experience of crossing over to the other side

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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (909) 881-4837
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Southern California PST


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