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Joe Lurie: Globalization Fueling Cultural Polarization

Joe Lurie - Globalization Fueling Cultural PolarizationSeasoned Cross-Cultural Communications Executive, Award-Winning Author, Trainer, and Speaker, Joe Lurie is a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Executive Director Emeritus at UC Berkeley's International House.

He speaks widely about Misperceptions Across Cultures in a Hyper-Connecting, Polarized World; why this is increasingly occuring in sometimes humorous, yet often dangerous ways; ways to understand misunderstandings across cultures in the work place, with immigrants and in the worlds of business, diplomacy, military conflicts,medicine, religion, travel and education.

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Misunderstandings Across Cultures in the Age of Globalization and Pathways to Intercultural Competence
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  1. How and why did you become interested in the field of cross-cultural miscommunications?
  2. What are some of the topics you cover in your award-winning book, Perception and Deception, A Mind-Opening Journey Across Cultures?
  3. Why is intercultural competence important?
  4. What are some of the pathways to understanding the values, behaviors and communication styles of people from other cultures?
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Award-Winning author for multi-cultural non-fiction;accomplished speaker/trainer for many major global companies and organizations.
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San Francisco Bay Area, PST


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