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Linda Binns: Breakthrough Energy Expert

Linda Binns - Breakthrough Energy ExpertLinda Binns is an accomplished energy coach, author of several self-help books, and published articles.

She has appeared on television, including multiple encore guest appearances on Portland, Oregon's AM Northwest News Show, as well as, on the radio, podcasts, and on-line summits.

She teaches highly sensitive professionals the skills to step through challenges with ease resulting in opportunities opening in every direction.

She teaches business owners and managers how to increase productivity and team effectiveness by recognizing and embracing the advantages their HSP employees bring.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • The incredible value highly sensitive professionals bring to the workplace - and why they should be included in discussions about diversity and emotional intelligence
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. How is Sensory Processing Sensitivity (or high sensitivity) being missed as an area of diversity?
  2. What is the link between Sensory Processing Sensitivity and Emotional Intelligence?
  3. Why do you say HSPs may be a company’s best employees?
  4. Why should organizations pay attention to the trait of high sensitivity?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
22+ Years as an Energy Coach working with highly sensitive professionals, managers and business owners.
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Portland, Oregon - Pacific Time Zone

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