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Gianna Miceli: Weight Loss Expert For Women Heading Into Menopause

Gianna Miceli - Weight Loss ExpertWhat I found in Facebook groups were women over 40 who were angry that losing weight was so difficult.

Doctors just want to prescribe meds and blame their thyroid, hormones, & emotions.   I show them how to find their fat loss blocks, change their cravings, and get their hormones to do the hard work.

I also uncovered that medically treated menopause is the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women in the past 80 years and makes zero common sense.

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  • How To Get Your Body Working Optimally Without Dieting, Counting Calories, Or Suffering.
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  1. What are doctors doing wrong in treating women over 40 who are gaining weight and feeling run down?
  2. Why is HRT & BHRT the worst thing you can do for feeling terrible over 40?

  3. What are the key things women over 40 are doing wrong and should be doing to restore their bodies back to optimal health and prevent getting old before their time?
  4. What's my anti aging protocol?
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I'm a certified holistic detoxing practitioner with a focus on functional medicine.
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