Joyce Schafers: Relationship Counseling Expert
Frederick Amina: Speaker, Published Author, Illiteracy, Alcoholism

Dawn Witte: Philanthropist & Self Inspired Author

Dawn Witte - Philanthropist & AuthorDawn has been a featured guest on numerous radio shows, podcasts, blogs, and magazines around the world.

She has also been featured in magazines, podcasts, radio shows,, Vigalentes Radio an iHeartRadio station, Well World TV, The Balance Doctor, The Naked Truth Podcast, Nora Gouma.

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  • Motivation
  • Inspiration
  • Book author
  • Philanthropist
  • Children in need
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  1. Are you Be-ing the best best you that you can be?
  2. Why fight poverty in other countries instead of the one you are in?
  3. How do you stay so positive?
  4. What is the power of 7?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Multiple book author on Amazon
  • Website desire to inspire foundation
  • Philanthropist
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Los Angeles pacific time zone


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