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Pamela Naidoo: Finding Jesus - Our Journey to the Holy Land

Pamela &Edward - Finding JesusWhen partners Pamela & Edward decided to get Baptized merely 3 weeks after committing to the Christian faith, they knew it was a life changing choice.

But they felt an inner voice beckoning their baptism on the River Jordan! They are now documenting their incredible walk with God as they travel to the Holy Land.

They will be making a documentary capturing their expedition. People can follow their spiritual journey through daily live updates.

The world for the first time, will see the story of 2 people who have been distant from God but now are searching for him in the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

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Their spiritual journey to the Holy Land
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  1. Why did you decide to embark on this spiritual journey?
  2. When did you feel this calling?
  3. What are you expecting out of this journey?
  4. How did you swing from being an atheist to having faith?
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London, UK - BST

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