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Maura Sweeney: Creating a Culture of Global Happiness

Maura Sweeney - Global HappinessFor Maura Sweeney, “Living Happy – Inside Out” is more than a slogan. It’s a well-honed life mantra for someone sitting at the intersection of leadership, culture, and emotional intelligence.

Maura advances her musings through a variety of mediums: a Podcast, HuffPost blog, an Amazon book series and an eCourse. She advocates as an international speaker and frequent media guest who’s been featured on hundreds of radio shows and podcasts.  

After receiving a BA in Political Science from Boston College, Maura left law school mid-stream to pioneer her own path to passion and self-determination. A former nationally decorated corporate manager, business co-owner and home schooling mom, Maura now purveys insightful concepts on influence, leadership and emotional intelligence with a “living happy – inside out” mantra she believes is fundamental to advancing the human race.

A student of changing cultures and geopolitics, Maura has traveled to 60 countries. Her background includes interning for the late U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy (D-MASS), volunteering for Concerned Women for America (recipient of the National Award for Media Effectiveness) and several years membership in AFIO (Association of Former Intelligence Officers).  

Believing that stories shift us from one reality to another, Maura shares personal encounters and intimate experiences to create new corridors of thought. She invites audiences to pass through familiar paradigms, dig deep into their own belief systems, and discover common elements that connect us all. 

Whether her audience is university students, leadership organizations, self-development devotees or entrepreneurs, all emerge with more hopeful, enlightened and empowering views of themselves, others and the world around them.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Happiness, self Development, and Emotional Well Being 
  • Influence and Leadership
  • An Alternate View to Victimhood and Identity Politics
  • Identity, Reinvention, and Exciting Comfort Zones 
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What are the 5 things people desire in order to be happy
    and how are they connected to success? 
  2. What is the first question you must ask yourself when
    confronted with a problem or challenge? 
  3. Why is the process of exciting our comfort zone just as
    important as getting to the other side? 
  4. When seeking true success and happiness, what is the
    one personal quality you cannot afford to compromise?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • International Speaker on Influence, Leadership & Emotional Intelligence
  • HuffPost Contributor
  • Featured in 250+ media outlets including NBC, BBC &
  • Author of six books on Happiness
  • Podcaster
  • Creator of the Foundations of Happiness ecourse
  • Global Perspectives gleaned from travel to 60 countries
  • Originally called Ambassador of Happiness by UNESCO Center for
    Peace at inaugural Nelson Mandela Day celebrations
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