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Chaplain DOV Cohen: Veteran, Chaplain, Nat'l Cemetery Foundation President

Chaplain Cohen has devoted 56 years of passionate leadership to the Military and many charities. 

Some of the work Chaplain Cohen has created and is responsible for are:

     *  Founded VIP - Veterans in Prison
     *  Chaplain USS Battleship IOWA and SS Lane Victory
     *  Stand Downs for Homeless Veterans
     *  Script and Emcee for National Cemetery Ceremonies
     *  Co-Host Veteran-centric TV Show
     *  Produced and Hosted Food and Travel TV Show
     *  Created Inter-generational Veteran,  Active Duty Family, and Care-Giver Programs
     *  Former Chairman of County Para-transit Transportation Service for 200,000
     *  Conduct Interfaith Services at Veterans Homes, Synagogues, and Churches
     *  Exciting, Engaging and Knowledgeable Speaker

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How to get involved with a charity, where, and why you should get involved with a charity.

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  1. Why did you enter the Air Force during a war?

  2. How can I get the best information to help me change my life?

  3. Where are the resources and benefits available to me and how do I get them?

  4. At 74, why are you still doing what you do, every day, and with such enthusiasm?
Summary of Expert

56 Years a Chaplain beginning with Air Force in 1962, Vietnam War, European Theatre.
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Booking Contact Public Phone Number: (617) 605-7750
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Woodland Hills, California - Pacific Daylight Time

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