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Nadia Sahari: Growing up Arabic in USA & Surviving Abuse: A Memoir

Nadia Sahari - A MemoirI am an author and actress.

I am from Lebanon and lived most of my life in America.  The conflict of cultures caused many cases of abuse as a child and adult.

My life experience here in America and the silence of it has brought pain and determination to survive.  I am confident, outspoken, powerful, a victor over abuses,  and speak to, as well as counsel, many women and young girls.

My memoir gives history, culture, and the abuses I survived.   There was no freedom in my world until I was free.   

It has made me a strong woman,  a woman who loves America, it's culture, diversity, and freedom.

Interview this Expert About: *
  • Female abuses in Middle-Eastern countries
  • Survival of abuses
  • How living in America changed my life
3-4 Questions to ask this Expert: *
  1. What are the abuses that you experienced as a child and teen?

  2. How did you become so strong and victorious over all that you have gone through?

  3. What should we learn from your story?
  4. Has domestic violence organizations contacted you about the book?

  5. How did you find the will to forgive all who abused you?

  6. What is your life like today?

  7. What are you doing to empower others?
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