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Mary Lee Kendal: Move Over Dr Seuss, Mary Lee Kendal is in Town

Mary Lee Kendal - Children's AuthorI am a retired teacher writing short social stories for children, ages 3 to 8.

I use a rhyming style with a positive message.   My debut books are about bullying, being shy, and technology, respectively.

While I was teaching in public school I found kids can learn from entertainment.   Teachers need to teach in an entertaining way without being entertainment. 

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  • Children's author
  • Teaching in public school
  • Living in Naples Florida
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  1. How did you come up with your rhyming social stories? Why the rhymes?
  2. What was the most gratifying experience of your teaching career?
  3. Why kids books?
  4. Have you ever thought of writing a novel, or autobiography?
  5. Have you always written, or is this something new for you?
Summary of Expert Credentials:
  • Masters in education from Indiana University, and Sports Medicine Program.
  • Taught high school and junior high.
  • Reached the top 20 in Amazon in the peer pressure category for Children's books in one of my debut books - Why Can't I have a cell phone yet?
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Naples Florida- Eastern


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