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Irene Weinberg: Inspirational Speaker, Author & Podcast Host

Irene Weinberg - Inspirational SpeakerIrene likes to talk about how she channeled her husband after his death.

Irene's husband came back to her after dying next to her in a car crash.    Irene and her husband discovered that they were soul mates through many past lives.

She also has a podcast Grief and Rebirth, now in its 6th season, where she interviews healers, grief and trauma specialists, mediums and celebrities who share inspiring healing stories.

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  • Grief and Spirituality
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  1. Please tell us about the spiritual awakening that changed your life.
  2. Tell us about your journey to writing the book They Serve Bagels in Heaven.
  3. What are significant life lessons you have learned since writing the book?
  4. What prompted you to create and host the Grief and Rebirth podcast and tell us about the people you interview.
  5. Do they really Serve Bagels in Heaven?
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New Jersey EST

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